Seattle’s Own “Spite House” gained international admiration!


In Spite of it all, the Spite House in Montlake sells!

A little known jewel and local legend, known as the “Spite House” recently went up for sale.

The Spite House is 803 square feet, wedge shaped, and believed to have been built out of spite! Legend has it, a woman won a partial land settlement in a divorce, and her ex was allowed to keep the rest of the property including their home. We all can imagine how she felt about that. So out of spite, the woman built a little house wedged between her old life and the new.

Nonetheless, it’s a lovely little house. The listing price on the house located on 2022 24th Avenue East sold this past weekend at $397,500!  Can you believe the narrowest point is 55inches.

A little house built out of spite or unyielding love, we’ll never know. One thing is for sure, the Spite House is getting international attention for its uniqueness.



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