5 projects that LOWER your homes value!

It’s Selling Time and you want your home to look great, in all its glory.  But beware not to flush money down the drain by taking on projects that won’t gain you a better bargaining position to increase your sell price or attract more buyers.

The 5 projects that LOWER you home value are:

  1. Bedrooms need to remain as they are. Don’t create another space with a bedroom, buyers like bedrooms and they want to see that room as clean and open as possible.
  2. Hot Tubs – if you want a hot tub, get it! But when its time to sell, take it with you! The honest truth is that hot tubs can turn some buyers off, because they don’t want YOUR hot tub, nor, to they want the hassle of disposing of it. So just take it with you, when you go 🙂
  3. Colored Trim or Textured Walls – Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years, you’d already know that when it comes to selling your home, simple is best. Simple nude colors on the walls and trim should always be white, off-white, or beige.  Anything else, will make your home look old and dated.
  4. Themed bedrooms, unless you have a stack of 5,000 dollars plus you’re probably not going to hire a muralist to paint your kids bedroom, but in the case that you do, just know not all kids like Jumanji or Lion King. Stick to the basics, simple and chic will always win.
  5. Garden of Eden, instead of making your home look like the Garden of Eden with an over the top fountains and shrubbery, keep it simple, clean and as low maintenance as possible.

Check out the  video!

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